I’m happy designing. I like ideas. When they work together one makes the other better. Over the years I’ve learned to listen to clients, and I’ve also learned a bit about human nature. This experience leads to clear, thoughtful design that speaks uniquely and persuasively to your audience. So, you achieve your goals, which is my goal.
Art direction  //  Brand Identity  //  Digital Design  //  Graphic Design  //  Events & Exhibition  //  Illustration  //  Integrated Campaign Development  //  Packaging  //  Presentation Design  //  Web Design 
AARP  //  Blackboard Inc  //  Bozzuto  //  Dell Computers  //  Discovery Channel  //  Discovery Education  //  Cystic Fibrosis Foundation  //  Florida Aquarium  //  Florida Children’s Campaign  //  Florida Tourism  //  Goodwill Industries  //  HelioCampus  //  Jobsite Theater  //  The Learning Channel  //  Logi Analytics  //  Microsoft  //  The Reading Roadmap  //  School Nutrition Association  //  Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center  //  Time Warner Cable  //  United Healthcare  //  Verizon Wireless  //  Weight Watchers  //  Windstream Communications  //  Whitman-Walker Health 
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